Monday, July 18, 2005

What women want

The following questionaire was submitted at:

1. What is the most important quality your man should possess?
I couldn't agree more with this. Honesty means the world to me. Sometimes I can be a little extreme with it, however it was said best above, lying and disrespect go hand in hand.
2. What initially attracted you to your mate?
Her free loving attitude and her independence.
3. What makes you happy in a man?
I feel the main thing is honesty and attention.
4. What will you not tolerate?
Liars for sure. Other then that I don't like unemployed women, or busy bodies that are too busy with everything else. I mean why even try to have a relationship with someone that is never going to have time to enjoy it with you?
5. What is your biggest turn-on?
Soft whispering in my ear, or skirts lol.. yea that will do it. :)
6. What other questions would you like to add to this list?
Women should learn that they do not have to mask themselves to be beautiful. I personally do not like "painted up" women. Natural beauty usually does it for the right kind of men. The guys that like these fake women are nothing but fakes themselves. So pretty much keep it as real as you can and I'm sure your mate will do the same.


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