Wednesday, October 05, 2005

What do women want?

The following questionaire was submitted at:

1. What is the most important quality your man should possess?
Honesty, Respect, Sense of Humor.

2. What initially attracted you to your mate?
I wasn't initially attracted to my mate because of his looks (that is not to say that I am not physically attracted to him, because I am). But the feature he has that created a "spark" for me, was his innately caring, thoughtful, and compassionate personality. He genuinely cares about the people in his life, and it shows in everything he does.

3. What makes you happy in a man?
I am happiest when my man puts my feelings/interests first--not in front of his necessarily (well not at all times), but my feelings above other peoples. It is important to me that my feelings and concerns are validated and respected by my partner.

4. What will you not tolerate?
Disrespect and keeping secrets/lies are definitely first on the list. Also, one thing my mate and I constantly fight about is his NEED for someone to always be "Right" and the other person is "Wrong." Saying "sorry, your right and I am wrong" is nice at times, but hearing it too much becomes counterproductive. It loses it's effectiveness at times when it is actually needed. I would rather neither of us had to say "You're right/wrong" but rather realize that things didn't work out right for a problem, and we'll learn from it. I always say, "Don't apologize, just do better the next time." As well as feeling controlled--I am my own person!!

5. What is your biggest turn-on?
Seeing my honey with the other important people in our lives, reminds me of the things I love about him: his laugh, his sense of humor, and his respect and compassion for others. These are the best, everyday turn-on's for me. Privately, a passionate kiss is the best turn-on.


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